Liquorice digits

I hate liquorice, it's trendy magazine copy for saying 'black'. I decided to paint my nails in this sombre hue as part of my half arsed witches outfit at an intimate Halloween soirée I threw last Saturday night. The boyfriend went all out and decorated our flat in cob webs, candles and carved pumpkins. We nibbled spooky canapés washed down with terrifying passion fruit Martinis. I actually decided to try fake stick on nails by Cosmopolitan and then paint them black with Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polish in Black Out, never again. I found myself trying to prize off the painful nails at 4am after waking up fully clothed as a drunk witch in front of a blaring TV. 40 mins later they were off, leaving behind a bumpy layer of hardened glue. A week later and my nails are still ruined, I've been painting over the mess with the Rimmel nail polish, now I'm addicted to this new look, bit rock chick for me but I'm styling it out...