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It's the most stressful shopping time of the year, you fight tooth and nail to bag those Westwood shoes you predicted would be on sale after Christmas, only to find out the sales started weeks ago and they're already sold out. What happened to January sales starting in January? First it was Boxing Day sales and now mid December sales! A harsh economy has driven retailers to slash prices most of the year round, taking all the fun out of sale shopping. As a teenager I remember the excitement leading up to the January sales, saving up (with a little help from Mum) to splurge on otherwise unobtainable designer luxuries. The desperation and suspense has further been choked in recent years by online sale shopping. The thrill of ploughing through the rails against other shoppers, searching for that bargain, finding the last one in your size and with 70% off is incomparable to just clicking 'add to basket'. Where possible I'll be abstaining, the new year marks a fresh start, a wardrobe detox to clear the way for  spring.