Marni Madness

After spending the last few days carefully constructing a wish list from the Marni for H&M collection and being poised at 08.59am on my iPhone to pounce on HM.COM, I failed. It wasn't until way after lunch that I finally got to view the collection online to find that it was sold out... gutted. I had a look on EBAY this evening to see if I could find anything reasonable that I could purchase, who was I kidding? As I browsed through the items I felt it all a bit tragic and sad, people buying up as much as they could to sell it on for profit. Not that I'm dissing Ebaying, I totally understand that if you buy or acquire something, and its not right, you sell it on, but this just felt like people were doing it as some sick, soulless sport. Even carrier bags from the store, and worse, VIP Party goody bags from the launch were being sold. You could call me bitter for not getting my hands on the floaty, silk, hot pink, ribbon tie top, but you know I'm right.


  1. I totally know what you mean!
    Here in the USA it wasn't even online, only in selected stores. Which meant waking up at 6am to get a ticket to be among the first 300 to shop.
    I did manage to get in and, yes, I also did buy as much as I could. For two reasons: 1. the excitement of the moment and 2. we were only given 15min to shop! No way I could have tried anything on. So, I ended up spending way more than I should have, and I am left with a lot of items that I either don't like or don't fit that well. No worries, I don't think ebay is really worth the effort! I think I will just return my items in the end - unless you are interested!! (I can send you the list of items I have...)

    1. Thanks Cle for the kind offer although think you are much slimmer than me! xxx