Felder Felder SS13

It was a welcome treat to be handed a Bailey's martini whilst waiting to be ushered to ours seats at the Felder Felder show. Once settled and the paps had stopped snapping the celeb turnout the lights went down a side door openend, a silhouette softly walked up the steps to a microphone, then bam! Lights and music blasted and Kate Nash's strong vocals kicked in as the girls marched out. Typical of me I saw the shoes first, chunky, blocky heels trimmed with gold. The whole collection had a luxurious and expensive feel to it, there was a good dose of floaty sheers, ruffle embellishment and of course the Felder Felder print. A real midsummer feel with apricot, sea blue and neutral hues. All photos property of Fashion Filtered Ltd. 

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