Green People: Organic Skincare

As you will know from previous beauty posts, I am a massive supporter and user of organic, chemical free skincare, this market has greatly expanded and I find myself spoilt for choice. Each time skincare runs out I have the happy task of trying out something new, this time I decided to give Green People a whirl. I usually pop to local health store, Earth, in Kentish Town, Whole Foods or John Lewis for skincare but yesterday, during my Ocado shop on their iPad App, I stumbled across Green People whilst looking for soap (yes, I'm old school and use soap). Ocado are doing 20% off Green People products at the moment so it was the perfect incentive to purchase. None of their products are tested on animals, don't contain nasties (like parabens, synthetic fragrances and petrochemicals), are at least 80% organic and they donate 10% of their profits to charity. I tested their Fruit Scrub Exfoliator and the anti-ageing Vitamin Fix 24 Hour Moisturiser. After using a gentle cleanser I double pumped a good amount of exfoliator and massaged on to my skin, paying special attention to my oily and blackhead prone nose and chin. The ground Apricot Kernel did an effective job of sloughing off dead skin cells whilst the astringent Witch Hazel dried up any oiliness, my skin felt taught, refreshed and looked more radiant. Before trying out the moisturiser I kept to my usual ritual of swiping some rose water across my skin. The moisturiser was thicker than most and one pump gave a generous amount, after slathering on I felt it sat as a layer on my skin then slowly began to sink in (I would wait a good 5 minutes before applying foundation). Once absorbed my skin felt slightly taught and toned, soft and dewy to the touch with a slight reflective sheen.  A few hours after and it feels like its still doing the job and there are no signs of dry skin on my cheeks, which I usually get with other moisturisers, must be down to the avocado, olive extract, evening primrose and seaweed. I thoroughly recommended that you try this Award Winning brand. Fruit Scrub Exfoliator £11.95 and Vitamin Fix 24 Hour Cream £14.95 from

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