What do these celebs have in common?

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Apart from looking sexily stunning on the red carpet, they are all wearing Victoria Beckham. From left, Kim Kardashian, Kate Winslet, Demi Moore and Cheryl Cole. Well, she has done it, £15m in her first quarter for 2011 and a reputation for herself already as a fashion mogul. Her S/S 12 collection as significant as something I would expect from Celine. I take my hat off to you VB. Very, very well done. I look forward to what else is to come, you know how to dress a real woman.


Form over function

My jaw dropped open after seeing Kim Kardashian sporting a pair of 6 inch Louboutins whilst on a camel in Dubai last week. Lord knows how she got on/ off it.

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SORAPOL Fashion Show 20.10.11

The old and the new school avant-garde fashion crowd were out in force last night at Sorapol's S/S 12 collection in St George's Church, Hanover Square. There were even a few celebrity supporters including Miss Jodie Harsh. Padron Tequila cocktails were free flowing, was a bit harder getting hold of the Thai canapĂ©'s, whole pineapples studded with prawns on skewers, rice wraps and palate cleansing slices of exotic fruit, the Thai inspiration coming from the designers heritage. The models slowly tip toed down the aisle to haunting organ music, blasted by blinding spotlights, carrying sculpted wooden platforms like evening bags. The collection was full of colour, exoticism and carnival spirit with a good dose of bling, layers of tulle, cut out and sheer fabrics. We skipped the after party at Movida for a much needed Steak Frites at CafĂ© Boheme on Old Compton Street. I took the above pictures with my iPhone, you can view more detailed pictures here and


ANTM Season 16

It's week three of America's Next Top Model on Sky Living HD and I know who I think will go far (and who I want to win), 20 year old Hannah Jones from Houston, Texas. She's the one you'll always hear shrieking excitedly at Tyra Mails. Despite her pig tails, clashing aerobics gear and overly girly disposition she does scrub up incredibly well (and bears a striking resemblance to Rosamund Pike). Image


If I only buy one dress this autumn... will be the Drop Needle Rib Maxi dress from Whistles, I would buy this in every colour if they decide to make more! I shouldn't be buying clothes with pay day so far away but it's so wearable I'd easily make back the money in cost per wear, even by the end of the month. Now, imagine it with Kurt Geiger's Elliot shoe in Nude and YSL's gold plated sting-ray Cuff and Ring to toughen it up. All ticking the boxes for two of A/W 11 key trends, 1940's and Snakeskin. Dress £80.00 from, Shoes £210.00 from Cuff £325.00 and Ring £180.00 from


Tulisa - The Female Boss

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Tulisa was completely off my radar until I demanded to know who had 'replaced' my beloved Cheryl Cole on X Factor. I am fascinated by her big Disney princess eyes but a little confused by the choices made by her stylist. She looks great, don't get me wrong, just thought her style should reflect her vivid personality. This lady is is as real as it gets and an element of Urban Street Chic would bring an added dimension to her style, but alas, the public want polished perfection and something they can aspire to. It reminds me of an episode of Sex And The City where Samantha's actor boyfriend, Smith Jerrod, is about to appear on MTV. After trying on endless suits by Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, YSL etc he opts for his own jeans and vest top in a bid to 'keep it real', at which Samantha, handing him a pair of Dior sunglasses, says "It's MTV, if you're not wearing something the kids can't afford how will they know to look up to you?". Well, I see her point, and Tulisa's stylist has a job to do. Its not just about dressing the part, its about being the brand.

Kitty Spears

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It's X Factor season and all change with new judges (bar Mr Walsh) and a new breed of controversial characters that divide both the audience and the judges. Standing out from the crowd this year is Over 25's contestant Kitty Brucknell, who bears an uncanny likeness to Britney Spears - inspiration or copycat? Either way its going to be a Marmite situation.



A large Martini to mark the end of a long week, toast the life and career of Steve Jobs, mark the end of S/S 12 Fashion Week, welcome the autumn season (first day of wearing my down filled, walking duvet winter coat) and the brilliant Photoshop Express App, which instantly transforms pictures taken on my old iPhone 3GS making them look like they've been taken with a DSLR (see the pic here). Cheers and have a great weekend!


Jedward inspire Nicholas Kirkwood

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It seems Nicholas Kirkwood's A/W 11 collection has been inspired by pop power duo Jedward. These hairy heels bear an uncanny resemblance to the twins.

Clear off clumpy shoes

When will massive platforms die?! It's been a good few years but it seems a chunky sole is still not out of our system. My choices are greatly limited when selecting a shoe, all preferred styles wield a whopping great platform. I am 5'8" and draw attention to my height when wearing even a mid heel, towering above everyone, I can see all the way down the entire London Overground train. In platformed 'stripper' shoes I cross from sexy and elegant into tranny, or worse, feeling mutton dressed as lamb, even in my 20's. I do understand that an inch between me and the pavement is a welcome respite from the dreaded 'burn', it's been liberating not having to put that floppy Jaffa Cake jelly thing into my shoe. If a bit of padding is the only redeeming factor to a platform then I am ready to move on. Clumpy and unladylike can shove off, here are some shockers that demonstrate my point...