Oh Oh Alex Monroe!

Alex Monroe has gone from strength to strength over the past 5 years and this evening I went along to see the fruits of his labour at the jeweller's first boutique opening in London Bridge. I was greeted by the designer himself and his 25 strong members of staff who were more than happy to show off the new HQ arranged over the 5 to 6 floor town house, including Alex's workshop and a gorgeous little roof terrace with a prime view of The Shard. The event also doubled up as a press day to preview the AW 'Dream Of Me' collection inspired by the trinkets of Edwardian courtship in mixed rose gold, yellow gold and silver (putting an end to the silver vs gold debate!) An unexpected surprise was the 'Best of British' collection marking the Queen's Diamond Jubilee (launches in May/ June) which includes the exclusive necklace 'The Goring Shrimp' (pictured above) a collaboration between Alex Monroe and The 5 star Goring Hotel which can be gifted as part of a special 'Alex Monroe Afternoon Tea' at the hotel from 1st May (other halves take note!). This precise and detailed rose gold shrimp necklace, with black pearls, is set to be the new Bumble Bee, get your name on the waiting list fast!


  1. I'm so jealous that you were invited to the boutique opening! I am in love with this Shrimp and in ore at how Alex Monroe can make a shrimp look gorgeous!

    Is that a baby shrimp I see too?

    1. Yes is a baby shrimp! all part of the 'Best of British' collection out next month for the Queen's Jubilee!

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