New Year, New Me

Well, the same me but an improved model. I sat up this morning and realised I will be 30 this year. Now, I'm not going to start moaning about turning 30, I'm ready to leave my 20's behind and embrace being happier in my skin and more chilled. I also want to leave 2 stone in weight behind. I have tasked myself 6 months to do this, no fad diets, just plenty of exercise and healthy eating (and maybe less drinking). I did lose 2 stone a couple of years ago through a combination of smoking, ending a long term relationship and working 7 days a week as a fashion intern and shop assistant. This time round I'm a non-smoker, in a loving relationship, at a sedentary desk job 5 days a week, lording it up on fancy dinners and over socialising at weekends. I headed to the Chinese supermarket yesterday to stock up on ingredients to aid the healthy eating regime, oriental cuisine has tons of flavour with little  or no fat and I hope this will help me through this testing time. I have until my 30th birthday to get in shape and dare to wear something slinky and revealing at the party... Suggestions on a postcard please.