Okay, so I am obsessed with Whistles...

It's not my fault! They keep making dresses that I want to buy! I bought ANOTHER long sleeve, knee length fitted dress (I can hear you yawning), the Daryl Stripe Column Dress. I already have one in autumnal black, orange and red which has saved me when I've gotten out of bed too late and am in a rush to get dressed. This one is cream, navy and emerald and I hope it serves me as well over the coming months. Its my first official purchase for the new season and, if it arrives in time, will be parading itself with chunky gold jewellery, nude ankle boots and a generous slick of royal blue eyeliner at a 30th birthday this Saturday. I did say I wouldn't be doing any sale shopping but it was a snatch at £45.00 down from £75.00, plus does it count if it was actually something I had already earmarked to buy for Spring? Image