Dr.Hauschka Cleansing Milk

I've been meaning to give Dr.Hauschka a try for some time, not having an excuse (I already have more than enough products) I was forced to buy it when I needed to spend over £5.00 on my card in my local Chemist this weekend (it was the closest thing to hand, honest!) Well, I say enough products, there is always something I'm missing. I could take my make-up off with a facewash but do prefer cleansing milk at night. So, when the opportunity arose that's what I went for. Dr.Hauschka's Cleansing Milk also doubles as a creamy make-up remover, suitable for both rinsing off on a sober school night or wiping off with cotton wool on a wild weekend. Firstly, I love this product for using carefully selected natural ingredients. Second, for using a touch of beauty tech with Biodynamically grown plants and, third, for being an effective product that leaves my skin feeling fresh and really clean. I always do the 'toner' test, with rose water, after any cleanser to see how much make-up is left on my skin and this passes the test. If like me you are really picky about what you put on your body (and rightfully so) you will love this cleanser. Despite its hippy charm it does come with a designer price tag of £22.95. Not the cheapest around but defo worth shelling out for if you are serious about avoiding the chemicals and nasties of cheapo skin care.

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