Lull: Relaxation Bottled

I'm always reserved when it comes to new 'health drinks' which are usually loaded with sugar, artificial sweeteners or mystery 'energy boosting' ingredients. Yesterday I was in my favourite lunchtime eatery, POD, and wanted something to supplement my 'Detox Box', not daring to splurge on desert after a weekend of BBQ and boozing, I went for a 'health drink'. My only botanical tipple until now has been Purdey's, which took the crown after Aqua Libra vanished from the earth. Well Purdey's better sleep with one eye open as new health drink, Lull, has landed. Apart from the initial appeal of having a mere 43 calories per bottle, on further inspection I discovered how much goodness could be packed into 250ml. The long list includes lavender, hibiscus, green tea, chamomile and passion flower as well as a cocktail of B vitamins. Branded as a 'relaxation drink' Lull did actually chill me out. I drank it yesterday afternoon before heading from the busy Southbank to Soho. I usually get frustrated and irritable with the sheer volume of people on this walk (quite often barging them out of the way) but this time I was calm, courteous and walked slower than normal AND was in a really good mood. Could this be the effect of Lull or was it because it was a sunny day? Whatever happened it did seem to 'soothe body and mind'. Look out for it in a shop near you

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