Bernard Chandran AW 12

This was a very exciting show, the atmosphere yesterday evening was buzzing and there was great high energy and enthusiasm from the crowd. The room was PACKED, everyone truly fighting for prime position to view the collection head to toe, I negotiated an excellent view at the end of the catwalk, we were sooo squashed in that I had someones zoom lens resting on my shoulder but I didn't care! Was so happy to be there! The collection was sexy forties, ultra feminine silhouettes with lots of sheer fabrics, PVC, leather and lace with subtle touches of sequined sparkle and rhinestone, not at all girlie, just pure fierce with beefy starched collars and winged heels. The period feel was dragged into 2012 with the addition of exposed zips, transparent plastic cut outs and heavily embellished peep toe ankle boots, I loved the reworking of the classic Mackintosh in a variety of guises.

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