Georgia Hardinge AW 12

It was 8pm last night and had been a long day for everyone, the PRs had been on their feet all day, looking gorgeous in their heels but it must have been tiresome, so tiresome that they began letting in people to the show without tickets claiming to be someone's stylist, a friend of a friend, someone even got in just by saying their name and I don't think they were anyone! All was good though as we all fit in. I was very kindly offered 3rd row seating but declined and made a bee line for the mouth of the catwalk, negotiating standing or sitting on the floor with other snappers so that we could all get good shots. The collection was beautifully bright with uplifting hues, lots of blocked primary coloured sharp origami tailoring mingling with floaty printed fabrics. It was lovely to see how happy Georgia was at the end, spending a decent amount of time thanking the audience and the models, she even curtsied!

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