Mark Fast AW 12

I very nearly missed this show, I was invited by email last night after chasing up the original request that I had sent in mid January, apparently I had naively send my invite request too early as I found out in a discussion with Joseph Kocharian, Junior Fashion Editor at Rankin's Hunger Magazine, whilst standing in line at Berardi this morning. Anyway, after fighting with security to try and get to the PR I was finally allowed to speak to her and was given my cinema style ticket. After all the drama I had lost my place in the queue and risked being shoved at the back without a good view, not going to happen I thought! I managed to hover next to someone on the end of the front row and suddenly became invisible to security, as the show started I slid onto the floor... excellent place for taking these photos. This was another star studded affair, Kanye West, Grace Woodward, Nicola Roberts (who was completely unrecognisable in tartan get up) and Marina from Marina and the Diamonds. The collection was very low key and casual, lots of classic Mark Fast knits, chunkier and cosier for winter, some pieces made suitable for evening attire with the addition of beaded over dresses. Knitwear for me usually conjures up Windsor and the John Lewis haberdashery department, this collection was not at all mumsy but totally foxy. A highlight for me had to be the Louboutin shoes, spot on perfect, thin ankle strap, slim heel, almond toe and the most explicit toe cleavage you have ever seen.

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