Pam Hogg AW 12

The excitement around this show was phenomenal, celebs being papped outside, people being restrained and carted off by security, guests with standing invites being turned away, extra seats being brought in as there were too many front rowers, photographers arguing and shouting at each other, the show starting late as photographers were taking photos of Alexandra Burke on the catwalk floor, the drama! Once the show started everyone finally shut up (mainly drowned out by ear piercingly loud music) and all eyes were transfixed by Pam's show stopping designs. The models slowly walked down the catwalk with purposeful vacant and innocent doll like painted faces topped off with a Frida Kahlo style mono brows and 1850's American Western bonnets, contrasting against the sexually revealing nature of the clothes. We were treated to futuristic skin tight catsuits, including one which literally had a furry muff, full circle skirts, near nakedness and an amazing baby pink fully sequined embellished gown. Was great to see Jaime Winstone (pictured above right) modeling one of the designs and dragging Pam up the catwalk to a well deserved standing ovation, bravo!

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