Maria Grachvogel AW 12

If I was late for Corrie Nielsen then I was waaay early for Maria Grachvogel. After getting a bit lost in the labyrinth of gold corridors at The Savoy I ended up at the crew doors to the Lancaster Ballroom. I was so early that I was lucky to see Maria watching the run through with the models. Soon press, buyers friends and family started to filter in and I noticed that the crowd was distinctly older and more established. I managed to stand right next to the bank of photographers so had an excellent view. Was with a couple of very sweet girls with new DSLRs and gave them a quick tutorial on White Balance, Aperture and ISO settings just before the show started. The collection was very simple and elegant, lots of draping and swishy satins. Colours were charcoal, gold, teal, olive and a multi coloured print that was on the show invite. Absolutely loved the wedge knee high and ankle boots in black and cream, they gave all the femininity a bit of edge.