Barbie hand

I've been shunning the recent trend for ridiculously coloured nails, yellow? gross, blue? silly... I am not an extra in Star Trek. My default polish is any bright shade of red ranging from 80's glamour puss, nigh on orange, to deep classic clarets. Recently, however, I've been wanting to try out something a little more spring like and have been on the quest for the perfect pink. I am really fussy and have failed to find the right shade so far, Mavala and Essie have come very close to finding that sickly, sweet candied hue reminiscent of Barbie pink plastic accessories, so I decided to create my own. This hybrid lacquer is the love child of Leighton Denny and two shades of Mavala, I am very happy and cannot stop looking at my hands, its a little Essex but I love it (I am a chav at heart). Leighton Denny in Plush Pink, £11.00. Mavala in Wichita (97) and Riga (56), £4.10.

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