Raw Fairies 'Mini B Cleanse': Day 1

After waking up a little late I skipped the cup of hot water and lemon I was supposed to start the day with and went straight to the spritely pre breakfast 'Lemonade'. I was surprised by how pleasant and refreshing it tasted, a good start. Breakfast was a 'Green Smoothie with Chlorella and Spirulina'. From the package that I received this morning this was the part that I was least looking forward to, it was a thick, dark green sludge. I decided to not smell it and knock it back only to be pleasantly surprised that it tasted of the banana and kiwi that it also contained. The rest of the day consisted of two more juices, a salad for lunch, a 'pizza' and salad for dinner plus supplements. 

My mid morning snack was the dubiously named 'Green Juice', I struggled with the strong and raw flavours of cucumber, broccoli, apple, celery, courgette, lime and spinach. It was potent with a spicy tang, every mouthful sent shivers down my spine. Lunch was a generously portioned salad of 'Parsnip Cous Cous and Mustard Dressing' (tiny pieces of chopped parsnip that replicate cous cous), loaded with salad leaves and sprouting bean shoots, the mustard dressing was thick and creamy. I pimped it with a handful of chopped parsley (put parsley on anything and I will tear through it).

A long stretch of 3 hours followed until my next snack of 'Carrot, Orange and Ginger Juice'. By this time I had a mild headache and felt a bit chilly, on went my Ugg's and the central heating (in June!) The juice was sweet but I wish I'd taken it out of the fridge sooner as it was really cold. I drank it slowly and distracted myself with work. About half an hour later my headache melted away and I felt awake (must have been the sugar). I stupidly started watching 'Man V Food' on TV and found myself craving the double cheese and bacon burger with Krispy Kreme Doughnut for a bun that the host was devouring, I quickly changed the channel.

By 19.20 I was more than ready for dinner, I started plating up at 19.25 so that I could eat at 19.30 on the dot. My last meal of the day was 'Italian Pizza on 2 Seed Onion Crust' with a large side salad. The smell was promising and it actually tasted as close to pizza as raw veg, nuts and seeds can get, tasty and very filling. I ate it slowly and chewed each mouthful more than I normally would to make it last longer. I ended the evening with a minor headache but do actually feel lighter and guilt free, a good start to the detox!


  1. Oh that looks delicious! I'm started a raw food plan with a company called myfood, hopefully it will taste as nice as yours!!

  2. Just had a look at the MyFood website, looks good and they deliver nationwide. Good luck!