Orgasmic Organics

I am fanatic about organic and natural products so when I discovered Urtekram at my local natural foods store, Earth, I was overjoyed. Sounds a tad dramatic, but, since watching the BBC3 series 'How Dirty Can I Get?' back in 2007 I've been near obsessed with avoiding products that contain harmful chemicals and artificial nasties. Back in the day natural products were hard to come by and very expensive, in the past few years consumer demand has driven production of more natural and organic products, dramatically bringing down the price and making them more widely available. I used to spend up to 30 quid on a bottle of shampoo, since trying Urtekram's Rose Shampoo my hair has felt healthier, stronger and I'm guilt free about washing the residue down the drain as it only contains aloe vera, coconut and corn sugar soap, vegetable glycerine, levulinic acid, anisic acid, rose flower extract, citric acid and essential oil. At only 4 quid a bottle I'm converted. Images from

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