POD Obsession

Being freelance I often find myself in new work locations, I'm never concerned about how to get there (I'm a travel nerd), what I need to wear or hong long my day is, the question on my lips is always "where's good to go for lunch?!". Unlike many girls in fashion I'm not sample size, but my chance of getting there is greatly increased by eating lunch and breakfast at POD. Apart from being naturally low in fat, carbs and calories POD prides itself on being natural, nutritious and delicious whilst using foods that are fair-trade, have low food miles, are sustainable and organic where possible. On top of that everything is packaged in compostable, sustainable and recycled materials! This aside, the food is really tasty and filling. My favourites are the 'Slow Burner Salad' loaded with seeds, nuts, lentils, barley and veg topped off with feta, peas and mint followed by the 'Cacao and Pistachio Pot', a gorgeous combination of greek style yoghurt sitting on agave nectar, sprinkled with raw cacao nibs and pistachios. If you are a calorie counting obsessive you will be pleased to know that calories and saturated fat are clearly printed everywhere. For now POD only has branches in central London but are slowly branching out, check out their website to find one near you

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