Raw Fairies 'Mini B Cleanse': Day 4

My tummy was ready for food this morning. I rushed through the pre breakfast 'Lemonade' so that I could get to the 'Coco Shake' made from organic banana, organic cashews, organic raw cacao powder and cacao nibs, organic raw tahini and organic dates. This was like a raw version of a chocolate milkshake, luckily I am accustomed to raw cacao and enjoy the flavour as it is very unique. Not being used to eating for so long I was full and waited an hour before part two of breakfast, 'Green Smoothie with Chlorella and Spirulina'. Feeling confident and getting used to the regime I was less strict with my timings today, only eating when hungry and drinking when thirsty.

A friend who seems to always to lock herself out popped over and I cooked her lunch, Nigella's 'Lone Linguine' made with a rich sauce of jersey cream, parmesan, egg yolk and white truffle oil. I enjoyed cooking for her, the aroma was so strong and delicious I actually felt the satisfaction of eating it?! She ate her bowl of silky pasta and I dined on 'Cos Lettuce, Black Olive and Courgette Walnut Crunch with Sun  Dried Tomato Dressing'. Quite fitting as the dressing was reminiscent of pasta sauce. It was loaded with olives, really good quality, potent black ones. 

I accidentally got my juices the wrong way round today, having the 'Carrot, Orange and Ginger Juice' this morning and the 'Green Juice' this afternoon. By now I am no longer hating them. Dinner was 'Celeriac Slaw with Avocado dressing'. This was really crunchy with radishes and alfalfa sprouts, the dressing was half way between mayonnaise and guacamole and it had a sprinkling of pumpkin seeds which I find too beefy, I resisted picking them out. I didn't drink my last juice of the day, didn't feel like I needed it and didn't want to force it down, I'm learning to listen to my tummy.

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  1. Sounds really positive. You're inspiring! Thank you!