The holy grail of liquid eyeliner leads to 'Vital'

I am on a constant mission to find the ultimate liquid eyeliner, you'd think by 2012 someone would have cracked it, right? A few weeks ago I  sent out a Facebook message asking friends to recommend the best, despite this excellent information and feedback I still wasn't sure. I had just run out and was passing SpaceNK so popped in, I explained to the make-up consultant that I have naturally oily skin and everything slides off (especially in summer), she recommended 'BY TERRY Ligne Blackstar' (£25.00), this was so popular it was out of stock for a few weeks. As a temporary measure she suggested 'Eye Canvas' by Laura Mercier, this is a great product that even works on my slippery skin, its a little pot of heavy looking concealer that you apply to the entire upper lid and stops liner and shadow sliding, and it works! I still wanted a decent eyeliner so eventually went back to purchase the 'Ligne Blackstar', for the first week it was great, then it was downhill from there, not sure whether my pen was faulty but it is now driving me nuts and I have to shake it like a nutter to get the ink to the nib. Whilst on a shoot on Tuesday I complained to the make-up artist, Philippe Miletto, he got me to try out 'Vital Waterproof Dip Eyeliner' and then guess how much it cost... it was £1.99! He purchased it from a cosmetics shop on Stroud Green Road in North London's Finsbury Park! I've tracked it down online so that you don't have to schlep there, it can be purchased from Cosmetics Fairy for only 99p! It works!


  1. This looks awesome! I am a huge fan of Urban Decay's gel liner that you apply with a brush - but I'm a liner rookie! No idea how but totally missed your blog until right now! It's awesome!

  2. Hello! How have I missed your blog?! Will spend the whole evening on it! I'll give Urban Decay a whirl! x