Stay safe in the sun

With the weather being so damn hot please remember to protect your skin and your head. I see so many people not bothering to cover their head, please protect your brain from overheating! I was in Whitstable, Kent on Monday and Tuesday and forgot to take a hat, it was scorching by 10am so I found the nearest beachside hat stall and bought this paper hat for just £10.00, a small price to pay to protect myself. I know we are in England, not Spain, but the sun is seriously dangerous so don't forget the suntan lotion. My mothers side is from Mauritius but even we can burn, I've been wearing Factor 30 since the sun showed up this week, no matter your skin tone always start off with a high protection factor. Look after your skin, prevent advanced ageing and the onslaught of skin cancer. A reliable lotion which I always swear by is 'Piz Buin 1 Day Long' (£12.99). It lasts up to 6 hours, is waterproof and never lets me down.

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