I have been using exfoliating gloves for years and, although I enjoy looking like Michael Jackson in the shower, I have been informed that they are a waste of time. Recently I went for my first ever bikini wax at a salon, I've been sorting myself out for years but who has that kind of time when a professional can do it quicker and more efficiently? My salon of choice was Otylia Roberts, "The woman who brought the phenomenon of the Brazilian wax to the UK" (Vogue UK) and naturally I went for a Brazilian (when in Rome...) The service was excellent and gave a long lasting finish, I highly recommend! Whilst at the salon my 'Hair Removal Technician' asked my exfoliation routine, I proudly told her that I frequently used the gloves, to which she gasped and insisted that I switch to sugar scrub. Ashamed and feeling naive I rushed to John Lewis post wax to locate a sugar scrub. After spending ages looking for a  scrub I found this 'Moroccan Rose Otto Sugar Body Polish' by REN. It's £32.00, money well spent in my opinion and it only contains natural ingredients with added 'Theophylline from Paraguay tea and caffeine from kola nut boost microcirculation to energize, revive and tone the skin'. Coincidentally it is amongst InStyle Magazines Best Beauty Buys 2012 (I must have good taste). I went home to try it out, after body brushing I massaged it into my skin then rubbed it off in the shower, my skin has never been so smooth, ciao ingrown hairs!

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